Stars Advent Calendar Sleigh

  • £25.00


★ The elves have come for another year and they've got a new game to play! Armed with a full sleigh full of stars, they've left a letter to explain that one will be left around the house every day. Your goal is to find the star, complete the task that it's on, and then return it back to the sleigh! If all twenty four stars are collected by Christmas Eve, the elves will be taking back their star sleigh to the north pole in exchange for a little surprise!

★ Where can the stars be placed?

On a dinner plate to eat all of tea ★ In a lunch box to finish it all up ★ On top of a school bag to empty or fill ★ On top of a bed to sleep well ★ On the toy box to pack away the toys ★ On the sink to help with the dishes ★ On a piece of fruit to encourage healthy snacks ★ On the wardrobe to get dressed ★ On a toothbrush for teeth brushing ★ The list is endless! 

★ Dimensions of standard sleigh: 20cm [w] x 15cm [h] x 10cm [d]

Stars - 5cm

★ Mini sleigh 15cm [w] x 9cm [h] x 7cm [d]

Stars - 3.5cm